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Botanical Cocktails – The Basics

Botanical Cocktails - The Basics

When it comes to drinks, we love nothing more than to go back to Mother Nature-inspired mixology with a botanical cocktail. But getting the balance right can be rather tricky; get it wrong and it can taste like a bad salad in a glass. Knowing what herb goes with what spirit, though, ensures that you'll end up with amazing flavours that will be a big hit at any event.

We've created this handy infographic to provide a guide for all you budding cocktail botanists; perhaps it will even inspire you to get that indoor herb garden going again!

For a little extra inspiration, we teamed up with some of our favourite bloggers to find out how they mix their herbs and spirits. They've given us their favourite botanic cocktail recipes to try at home - so go ahead and craft one of these delightful cocktails (or all of them, we have!)

-          Little Fickle'sCoriander G&Ecomprises of gin, honey, elderflower and coriander, and is a sophisticated take on the traditional G&T with a sweeter twist;

-          Lilac Scrap Book'sTropical Basil Crushmixes tequila, fruit juice and bruised basil for a fruity version of the classic margarita;

-          English Rose'sStrawberry & Mint Smashuses fresh strawberries, vodka and mint to make a delicious and refreshing cocktail that's perfect for a sunny afternoon;

-          From 1989'sBlueberry & Kiwi Mojitocombines rum, kiwis, sugar and lime to create a cocktail with a real zingy kick.

Ready, steady, mix!

botanic cocktails

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