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Plants For People Thumb What is a Botanic Garden?

Sunday 8th January 2.30-4pm

There are now currently 1775 botanic gardens around the world but what are they?

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Grow To Eat
Growing to Eat

Sunday 22nd January 2.30-4pm

A look at thriving indoor allotment producing food for the local community

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The Capable Mr Brown Capable Mr Brown

Sunday 29th January 2.30-4pm

Britain's most celebrated landscape gardeners whose work is still enjoyed by millions 300 years after he was born.

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Liverpool Herbarium Liverpool Museum Herbarium

Saturday 11th Febuary 2-4pm

Discover what herbariums are, their many uses to science and the fascinating history of the Liverpool herbarium created in 1802.

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Monastery Garden The Re-birth of a Monastery Garden

Sunday 12th Febuary 2.30-4pm

Converted into a botanic garden in 1867 complete with an area known as Hell!

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St Helena An island on the cusp of change

Sunday 26th Febuary 2.30-4pm

One of world's most isolated islands with wildlife found no where else on earth.

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