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Prices and Frequently Asked Questions


Teachers Pre-Visit Free (must be booked in advance)
Garden Entry Only (includes coat storage and lunch room) £75 per 30 children (with accompanying adults FREE).
Guided EYFS, KS1, KS2 or KS3 Programme with a Learning guide (includes coat storage and lunch room) £95 per 30 children  (with accompanying adults FREE)

Can Teachers make a Pre-visit?

Yes, it is fully recommended that the teacher, intending to bring a school party, should make a pre-visit to find out more about what Ness Botanic Gardens can offer the school, tour the garden and carry out a risk assessment. This visit is FREE but must be arranged with us in advance.

What days can school groups book?

Weekdays during term time.

What age groups can visit Ness Botanic Gardens?

All age groups are welcome on self-guided tours but specific guided programmes are only available for EYFS, KS1, KS2 and KS3. All groups must be pre-booked. 

Advised ratios for supervising adults

Appropriate numbers of responsible supervising adults should be brought with the school for safety, particularly when pond dipping is involved. All adults with the party get FREE entry.

  • EYFS: 1 adult per 2 students.
  • Key Stage 1 (5-7 yrs): 1 adult per 5 students.
  • Key Stage 2 (7-11 yrs): 1 adult per 8 students.
  • Key Stage 3 and above (11-14 yrs): 1 adult per 10 students.
  • Key Stages 4/5: 1 adult per 12 students.

What facilities are available at Ness Botanic Gardens for school groups?

Indoor rooms, located in the garden, are provided for the school to use throughout their visit in which lunches, bags and any non-valuable equipment can be stored. Lunch can be eaten in these rooms. The rooms are close to toilet facilities, including a disabled toilet. Rooms must be reserved at the time of your booking. Ness Botanic Gardens cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of items left there; this room can be used by your school for the duration of your visit.

How many classes can be booked on a visit? 

We currently have indoor lunch space for two classes.

What clothing and footwear are best for the trip?

  • Be prepared for all types of weather, a waterproof jacket is essential for the British climate! Layered clothing is preferable as some areas of the Garden can be exposed to wind even on warm days. Comfortable Wellingtons or stout shoes shoes with good grip as some paths are undulating and can be muddy even in the summer
  • In sunny weather wear a sun hat, use sun protection (recommended at least four-star UVA protection & sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 to protect against UVB), and ensure your group has access to plenty of water.
  • Students may find long trousers more comfortable for some of our outdoor activities.
  • During the summer months it is advisable to cover up and bring insect repellent

Are there essential items we should bring with us?

  • Ensure that all supervisory adults have an itinerary for the day and a map of the Gardens (a copy of our garden map will be provided when your booking is confirmed)
  • It is advisable that all adults should also carry a mobile phone and have a list of mobile phone numbers for all adults in your party. Make sure you note down the Ness Botanic Gardens Switchboard no - 0151 795 6300 for emergencies
  • A minimum of one first aider should accompany your party and carry a first aid kit at all times   
  • You may wish to carry hand gel
  • If required, inhalers must be carried at all times
  • Please provide bin bags to take your rubbish off site

What times is it advisable to arrive?

A usual visit, starts at 10.00 am (different start times are available if required).

If you have booked a guided tour, a Ranger will greet you in the Coach Park. They will show you where your lunch room is located. Please ensure that children are fully supervised in the coach park, as other vehicles may be present.

If you have not booked a tour, proceed with your party to the Visitor Centre Admissions Desk and the staff will show you to your allocated lunch room.

Where are the toilets?

Groups should visit the toilets on arrival to avoid disruption of their guided tour. It is essential that children are fully supervised in the toilets, which are situated in the Coach Park and Visitor Centre and Garden. Accessible toilets are located in the Visitor Centre and Garden.

How long will the guided session be for?

The Ranger will be with the school party for approx 2 hours. Teachers should inform us, at the time of booking, if toileting or a snack break is required before the tour commences to help us plan the tour.

Do the education sessions align with the new National Curriculum?

The tour and activities will link to the new National Curriculum. At the time of booking, please state the guided tour topic that you want to study, the age group(s) and any special requirements so that the tour can be tailored to your needs.

Is there a risk assessment?

A generic risk assessment is available to download here, but teachers will need to complete a specific assessment to cover their own trip by carrying out a pre-visit. Specific activities carried out independently by the school party should also be risk assessed.

Can we visit your shop and plants sales areas?

Yes - we are happy to have school groups in our shop and plant sales areas.  IWe would ask, however, that  teachers organised children to visit sales points in small groups (maximum of 10 plus an adult supervisor).

What information will schools need to supply Ness Botanic Gardens about their visit?

Schools will be asked to supply, in advance, full details of teachers leading the party, numbers of children, ages, any special requirements and the topic they would like to study on their visit. Please click here to make a booking.

How do Schools pay?

Payment is required in full before or on the day of your visit either by cheque made payable to the University of Liverpool, cash or card are also accepted on arrival or by telephone transaction prior to your visit.

If you would prefer to be invoiced, your school will need to be registered as a 'New Customer' with the University of Liverpool so please indicate this on your booking form and the relevant documentation will be forwarded to you.

Can we cancel our booking?

We require notice of four weeks in order to cancel a booking. If cancellation is made after this period, the school will be charged in full.



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