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Self Guided Visits

Self Guided School Activities At Ness

Some schools plan and organise their own activities at Ness Botanic Gardens, under the supervision of their accompanying teacher. They may use a pre-booked room for further study/follow-up/indoor work, please specify at the time of booking if tables are required.

Schools usually leave about 2.30pm, but are welcome to stay until 16.45pm.

Popular self-guided activities:

  • Artwork - gaining inspiration and sketching/ drawing/ 3D natural sculpture 
  • Photography - using Ipod/Ipad/Digital Cameras (please bring your own) - to capture images for art projects/ Literacy links such as e.g. diary writing/ report writing/ digital book creation/blogs to be designed back at school. (Please not that Ness Botanic Gardens cannot take responsibility/ be liable for valuables brought on site).
  • Note taking for story/poetry writing or research for creative writing at school - using the senses involved when experiencing the delights of the garden
  • Map reading - geography skills - Ness Botanic Gardens can send a sketch map of the garden for you to copy for the children to use. Please ask at the time of booking, or you can obtain one copy from the Visitor Centre on the day of your visit
  • Keeping Fit - bring some (non-ball) games to play outside.



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