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Joseph Banks Joseph Banks - Australia's first botanist

Sunday 1 October 2.30-4pm

A look at this fascinating Lincolnshire man who sailed with catain cook and has 80 plants named after him.

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Parkgate - Port and Resort

Sunday 15 October 2.30-4pm

Discover the facinating history of Parkgate - hunting park, seaside resort, shipbuilding and major port.

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The Patch
The Patch - A garden for all seasons

Sunday 5 November 2.30-4pm

A seasonal look at the plants amassed in this amazing garden created by Margaret Owen in Shropshire.

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Downsizing Minimizing without compromising

Sunday 19 November 2.30-4pm

Downsizing your garden when you move- all the options when creating a new garden from scratch.

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Hedrea , The Complete Guide From Wild Wood to Garden Trellis

Sunday 10 December 2.30-4pm

Discover the colourful diversity of ivy, useful for wildlife, medicine and of course in gardens.

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