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Early snowdrops in flower

Ahead of the main displays in february, which will see areas of the gardens carpeted with Snowdrops, two of our snowdrops are already in flower.

Both are flowering on time and normally this early.  The first is a charming double snowdrop 'White Swan' which we have a small clump of growing along the main path in the pinewoods.

The second can be found underneath the huge pink flowered shrub (Viburum) in the centre of the Rock Gardens.  This lovely snowdrop comes from turkey and in some years is in flower before Christmas!

Both are easy to grow (like most snowdrops), just, avoid very wet or dry soils and plant in partial shade (not under evergreen shrubs).  Once planted just leave to their devices and resist the urge to tidy up leaves.  If you want more lift & divide clumps every 3-4 year in may.

Ness grows over fifty different types of Snowdrops planted throughout the gardens.  If you want to find out more about the snowdrops and other plants of winter interest why not join us on one of our free guided snowdrop walks in Febuary?


Early Snowdrops Already In Flower

20 January 2014