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Finalists announced

Selected from over 300 images, we are pleased to announce the short list for the Ness Gardens Photography Competition 2017.  The annual competition invites all our visitors to share their best images of the Gardens with us all.

All the shortlisted images are on display in the Visitors Centre until Sunday 23rd April.  The winners of each category and Ness Photographer of Year will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday 24 March at 11am in the Visitor Centre. All welcome.

Social Media (all ages)

  • Jon Foulkes (Twitter)
  • Simon Pickles (Facebook)
  • Danny Mendoza (Facebook)
  • Mark Hughes (Instagram)
  • Michelle Jones (Instagram)
  • Luke Neale (Instagram)

Children's Photographer (10 & under)

  • Tulips by Oliver Wilkinson
  • November flowers by Zara Green
  • Abstract tree by Madison Byars
  • Waterfall by Oliver Wilkinson

Young Photographer (11-16 years) 

  • Flower fireworks by Thomas Bell               
  • Summer waterfall by Thomas Bell            
  • As silent as the shadows by Raabiya Mirali            
  • Rock Rose by Sophie Davies

Plants (Adult)

  • Evening poppy by Gaynor Davis 
  • Sunlight through leaves by Katie Edwards             
  • Tulips of gold by Lindsay Todd     
  • Pass the parcel by Andrew Crothall          
  • Reflection by Ann Scott 
  • Tulip Dordogne by Alan Jones

Landscape (Adult)

  • Trees take on their summer colour by Heather Lindsay    
  • Laburnum arch by Ann Scott       
  • Autumn view by Lindsay Todd    
  • Wildflowers by Alan Jones

Wildlife (Adult)

  • Ladybird by Alan Jones
  • Pied beauty by Lesley Smith
  • Backward glance by Tony Crew
  • Comma full stop by Judith Hewitt
  • Robin on a branch by Dennis Doyle

Abstract (Adult)

  • Halo halo by Mark Reeves          
  • Don't make me laugh by Judith Hewitt
  • Autumn leaf by Alan Jones          
  • Testament to time by Dennis Doyle         
  • Reaching for the sky by Lindsay Todd


Click here for details of the 2018 competition and how to enter.

20 February 2018