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New Family Trail for the Summer Holidays

Flags are springing up in the Gardens, helping families find plant hunters on our new 'Hunt the Hunters' trail written especially for annual Childrens Funday Day (Wednesday 30th July) and the summer holidays.

The flags mark specially choosen plants on the trail.  All the plants were all introduced by famous plant hunters of the present such as Ness Gardens very own Dr. Hugh Mcallister and from the past individuals like Captain Bligh who also had a few minor problems with a muntiny.

The trail is inspired by Ness Botanic Gardens long history of sponsoring plant hunters.  Men and woman who undertake sometimes dangerous expeditions all over the world searching for new plants. Arthur K. Bulley, the founder of Ness Botanic gardens sponsored many famous plant hunters like George Forrest who introduced literally thousands of new plants.  Many of these plants are still commonly found in gardens all over world today.

There are two versions of the trail.  The first is a spotters trail written for children 3-8 years old and the second for children 7 years old and upwards. 

Hunt The Hunters


22 July 2014