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Our Tulips Need You!

Great news for our Visitors, the 2016 Tulip Elections are open to find out our visitors' favourite tulip out of the 20 varieties we have planted! 

The prize for the winner will be the 100 bulbs of whichever variety has received the most votes (once they have finished flowering and we have dug them up, of course!).

How to enter

  • Write down the name of your favourite tulip and your contact details.
  • Put your vote in the Ballot Box, which is next to the Tulip bed.
  • All we ask is for a small donation (we suggest 50p), all donations will go towards various garden projects.

 Competition Rules:

  • The most popular tulip will be the one with the most votes cast and the winning name will be drawn at random from the group of names who pick the most popular tulip.
  • Only the winner will be contacted.
  • The results of the competition will be displayed in the Visitor Centre.
  • The winner must be able to collect the tulips themselves.
  • Competion closes when all Tulips have finished flowering.

 Enjoy the tulips and Good Luck!

Tulip Competition 2016

21 April 2016