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'Queen of the Night' wins vote.

'Queen of the Night' wins the vote as this year's favourite tulip of the 20 varieties we planted this year. One of the darkest tulip varieties, it was introduced in the 1940's and it has remained very popular ever since.

Congratulations to Michael Mercer who was one of the many 'Queen of the Night' voters and has won the 100 bulbs of 'Queen of the Night' planted outside the Visitor Centre.

The 1900 bulbs of the other 19 varieties from this year's display are on sale in our plants sales area. Bulbs should be stored over the summer in trays or net bags somewhere warm (18-20°C) dark and well-ventilated before being replanted in the autumn.  They can be planted in sunny borders or in containers. 

In future years, just wait until foliage turns yellow before lifting the bulbs (about six weeks after flowering). Then cut of the foliage, clean the soil off the bulbs, leave them to dry through before storing.  Discard any damaged or diseased bulbs.

The competition for visitors to pick their favourite tulip from the 20 varieties we planted outside the visitor centre as a spring display ran until they had finished flowering.  Voting was carried by visitors posting pictures of their favourite tulip on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the #nesstulips.

Queen Of The Night

Images - Tulip 'Queen of the Night'

28 May 2017