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Twice in the national spotlight

Tim Baxter, Ness Garden's botanist has appeared twice in the national media in recent months. He discussed autumn colour in a segment for BBC Gardeners Question time and an article he wrote has been published in the autumn edition of the Plant Heritage Journal.

Tim was interviewed at the BBC Radio 4's Gardeners Question Time Summer party held at Ness in September and his segment on autumn colour was used in the second of the two programmes recorded at Ness.

You can listen to all the Gardeners Question Time Summer party recordings including Tim's interview here.

The article published in the autumn edition of the Plant Heritage Journal discusses the history of the national collection of Sorbus (Rowans) established in 1972 by Dr Hugh McAllister. The Gardens currently grow over 300 different types of Sorbus, which are used in research and provide fantastic autumn interest for visitors through their leaf colour and berries.

Plant Heritage is a national organisation that works to safeguard the UK's unique garden flora. It does this through various conversation projects, of which the biggest is the National Plant collection scheme. There are more than 600 National Plant Collections around the UK in private gardens, allotments, nurseries, local parks, botanic gardens and historic estates.

Click here to read the article (opens a pdf)

Click here for to discover more about other national collections and where you can visit them (opens external link)


Image above - Sorbus carmesina, one the many trees grown across Ness as part of the national plant collection.

01 November 2017