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University of Liverpool Cuckoo Lane statement

Speculation as to the involvement of Ness Gardens in the on going Cuckoo Lane issue has been noted at meetings and on forums and websites.  Please see the below statement from the University of Liverpool as regards Ness Gardens' involvement:


As a member of the Neston CH64 Transport Group, Ness Botanic Gardens is committed to improving walking and cycling routes in the area, as well as reducing the University's carbon footprint.

We were asked, along with other Group members, for our thoughts on three possible routes to improve access to Ness and the Neston area.  Beyond this initial consultation, however, we have had no involvement in the planning or subsequent work carried out to Cuckoo Lane.

We did not have any involvement in the selection of or the work carried out to Cuckoo Lane. The wind turbine project is a separate and unconnected initiative.


05 February 2014