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Group Visits at Ness

Group Visits At Ness

1st March - 31st October
Groups visits (20 or more) £6.25
Group visits (10-20) £6.50
Group organiser Free
1st November - 28th February
All groups (10 or more) £4.50
Group organiser Free

All Group Visits can book a free guided tour of the gardens. These must be booked three weeks in advance of your visit. Guided tours last appoximately 1½ hours.

Friends of Ness Gardens and essential carers for disabled visitors are admitted free.

Coach drivers recieve a meal voucher.

Group visits can be booked 7 days a week, with the exception of the Christmas Holidays

Group discounts only apply to groups of 10 or more who book in advance and groups must pay in one single transaction, not as individuals. 


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