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Group Visits at Ness

Group Visits At Ness

Valid 1 Mar - 31 Oct 2016
Ticket Type  Full Price  Groups 20
or more
booking lunch
Adult £7.50 £6.25 £4.00
Group organiser - Free Free*

All Group Visits can book a free guided tour of the gardens. These must be booked three weeks in advance of your visit. Guided tours last appoximately 1½ hours.

Friends of Ness Gardens and Essential carers for disabled visitors are admitted free.

Coach drivers recieve a free hot meal (via a meal voucher).

Group visits can be booked 7 days a week, with the exception of the Christmas Holidays

Group discounts only apply to groups booking in advance and groups must pay in one single transaction, not as individuals. 


*Admission only

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