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In Memoriam

Scattering of Ashes

It is not uncommon for someone's last wish to involve having their ashes scattered in a favourite or significant place. Many choose a place to have their loved ones ashes scattered that is close to home, like in the garden or flowerbeds, or perhaps around a favourite tree or bush. 

Scattering of ashes is permitted at Ness subject to arrangement and on competion of relevant documentation.

Please request an applicaiton form for your request to scatter ashes by contacting Karen Blower on 0151 795 6312 or 0151 795 6300. A suitable and appropriate date, time, and location to scatter ashes will be agreed and confirmed by the Ness team.

See below our guidelines:

  • There are specific sites within the grounds for scattering ashes
  • Discretion in spreading the ashes is the most important element. We feel it is important that this is a private moment, and that care is given not to disturb other visitors and vice versa
  • No markers, displays or plaques may be placed in the gardens
  • Ashes must be evenly scattered over the chosen area
  • Ashes may not be scattered in any water features
  • Areas where ashes are spread may be developed in the future
  • We suggest early in the morning before the gardens are open to the public or late afternoon as a good time of day for your memorial
  • It is not permitted to scatter ashes at Ness without prior approval. Visitors are reminded that ashes scattered without permission may be moved


Please contact Karen Blower on 0151 795 6312 for further information.

Due to oversubscription benches and tree dedications are temporarily suspended.  We anticipate offering this again in the near future.