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Galanthus Robin Hood

Galanthus Robin Hood

Large drift about half way along the main path in the Pinewoods

First mentioned by nurseryman James Allen in 1891, the first known illustrations date from 1907 but not the 'Robin Hood' as it is known today. All contemporary stock, however, is very popular and very distinct - the inner flower petals bear distinct markings liken to a crossed sabre or spanner.

This snowdrop is a hybrid between two distinct species G. elwesii and G. plicatus, which were both grown together in a british garden prodcing this fantastic offspring.   As a hybrid it benfits from a condition known as hybrid vigour.  This means it is a large compared to its parents, vigrous and healthly

From a gardeners perspective, it means it is easy to grow. Just avoid very wet or dry soils and plant in partial shade (not underneath evergreen plants). Once planted just leave to their devices and resist the urge to tidy up leaves.

Available from the Garden Store at Ness from Saturday 13 February - limited numbers lifted from the Gardens.