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Winter Flowering Viburnum

 Winter Flowering Viburnum

Several planted through out the gardens (the big shrubs with pink flowers you won't miss them!)

Viburumns are diverse groups of around 150 species of shrubs and small trees that grow throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Most have attractive flowers and berries, some have good autumn colour too.

This winter flowering Viburnum -Viburnum x bodnantense 'Dawn' is a hybrid between the equally garden worthy Viburnum grandiflorum and Viburnum ferreri, both native to China. It was originally created by Charles Lamont who was the assistant curator at The Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh in 1933. 

For some unknown reason he was not keen the resulting hybrid, he decided not to propagate it.  In 1934, the same cross was undertaken at Bodnant Gardens in North Wales (hence the name bodnantense).  Luckily the gardeners there did like it and introduced it for the rest of us to enjoy.

Growing up to 3 metres, it is a large shrub and for most of the year very unassuming. However from December through to February it produces deliciously scented flowers in clusters along its bare branches. Stems cut for the house last a long time and the scent is even more pronounced.

For gardens with space it is easy to grow with no real care and attention needed so long as they are planted somewhere they like; sunny or part shade avoiding excessively wet or very well drained soils. They rarely, suffer from pest and disease with no annual pruning required.

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