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Be sensible with watering. The only plants that will definitely need watering are those in containers; hanging baskets and any that have been recently planted or sown.  If in doubt, dig a hole about three inches (80mm) deep and if the soil is damp to the touch don't worry.

Continue weeding and mulching.  Its not a race so do a section of the garden, large or small thats you to you and then Put supports in place for perennials that need it before they get too large.

Cut the lawn weekly, just don't cut it too short (no more then a third of its heights at any cut) or else you will weaken it.  Take your grass box off until September, the clippings will act like a mulch between the grass blades and feed the lawn as they break down.

Finish planting summer containers and hanging baskets. Any non peat multi purpose will do.  Plant what you like!

Don't worry about brown patches on lawns. Grass hibernates if it gets too hot and dry. It regrows when it gets cooler, no end to water.

You don't need to top up ponds, it is perfectly normal for water levels to drop in the summer! If you can't cope with lower water levels use collected rain water rather than tap water which is too rich in nitrates and encourage algae growth.

Now is a good time to plant autumn flowering bulbs such as autumn crocuses, Colchicum, Sternbergia, and Nerines.

Prune spring flowering shrubs such as Weigela and Philadelphus after they have finished flowering if they need it.

Ventilate greenhouses and conservatories (make sure the bubblewrap from the winter has been taken down!).  In warm weather just leave the windows open over night if you can.

Continue sowing salad crops, such as beetroot, lettuce and radish. Leafy crops will do better when sown in partial shade as hot dry weather can cause bitter tasting leaves.

Sow French, runner and broad beans, peas, squash, sweetcorn, and outdoor cucumbers directly into prepared areas outside.

Keep feeding the birds, plenty of young mouths to feed at this time of year and don't forget to keep bird baths topped up.

Avoid using pesticides and give the bees, butterflies and other insects a chance. 

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