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Bulley's Primrose

Bulley 's Primrose

See it along the stream in the Rock Garden.

Native to the Yunnan province in China, it was first introduced to Western gardens by notable plant hunter George Forrest (1873-1932) in 1906. Forrest was on his first of many successful trips to China, this expedition sponsored by the founder of Ness Arthur K. Bulley who this primrose is named after -Primula bulleyana.

Primula bulleyana is one of a group known as candelabra primulas so called because of the tiered arrangement of their flowers. The natural habitat of Bully's primrose are damp, free-draining hillsides, so it makes sense when planting in a garden to plant them in damp soils, in a sunny position although it will tolerate partial shade.

It can be propagated by division in early spring although if it likes where it has been planted it will happily self-seed.

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