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Mexican Fleabane

Mexican Fleabane Jon Grimshaw

See it along the main path of the terraces

This undemanding little plant belongs to a large group of plants - Erigeron, related to daisies and sunflowers which grow in dry, mountainous areas and grassland, with the highest diversity in North America.  Erigron's carry the common name, fleabane, in the belief that dried stems, leaves and flowers will deter fleas.

Mexican fleabane with its rather long scientic name - Erigeron karvinskianus is native to  much of Mexico, and Central America although it has become naturalised in parts of Africa, Europe and Australia.

It is frequently grown in crevices in walls or paving, where it rapidly spreads to any nook and crevice that is sunny and well drained. It provides a carpet of flowers from late spring well into the summer.

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