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Magnolia sprengeri 'Diva'

Magnolia Sprengeri Diva

The big pink flowered tree behind the potting sheds, you won't miss it.

This fabulous magnolia was planted in 1980 from a cutting of the original tree introduced into the UK by the plant hunter Ernest Henry Wilson (1876-1930).

Wilson collected seeds of the Magnolia during his first plant hunting trip, in autumn 1900, in south-western China. The seeds were sent back under the code W.688 to his employers the famous Veitch Nurseries based in Chelsea and Exeter. By 1914 when the Chelsea branch closed the firm had been responsible for introducing an astonishing 1281 plants which were either previously unknown or newly bred varieties.

The resulting magnolia trees raised from the seeds sent by Wilson were sold in 1913 and one of the plants was purchased by J. C. Williams of Carheys castle in cornwall.  This one plant when it flowered in 1919 turned out to be the pink flowered 'Diva'. All the other plants from this collection turned out to be the white-floweredMagnolia sprengerivar.elongata.

It is from this one pink flowered magnolia that our tree originated from as a cutting.