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Red Maples

Acer Rubrum October Glory

Halfway along the main path in the Water Gardens, right hand side, as you head to the Rock Garden 

Acer rubrum is also known as the red maple, a part of it is red in every season. In spring, the flowers are red and much loved by bees as a source of early nectar. In the summer, the leaf stems are red followed by stunning red autumn colour. Throughout the winter, the new buds are red,

From eastern North America, red maples are one of the most abundant and widespread trees in America. They are tolerant of many types of soils both wet and dry.

As well as being planted for its decorative value, it is used for making maple syrup. Holes are made in the trunks and sap collected. This is heated to evaporate the water, leaving the concentrated syrup.


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AGM  (Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit).  This award indicates that this plant is recommended by the RHS following plant trials during which the plant met strict criteria testing its garden worthiness.  More information




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