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Allium Gladiator

Allium Globemaster

Planted along the main herbaceous borders

The group of plants known as Alliums are best known for our much loved onion. With approximately 850 species in the genus, the onions are a varied group of plants. Many, while not be edible do have rather fabulous flowers.

Along the herbaceous border there are several large flowered Alliums including 'Gladiator' and 'Globemaster'. These are large-flowered (up to 8" across)  clump-forming bulbs suitable for open and sunny sites in well drained soils. Avoid wet soils as the bulbs can rot.

The often straggly leaves begin to die down at flowering and for this reason alliums are best planted so they are masked behind the foliage of other plants.

The distinctive onion-like smell found in this genus is due to sulphurous compounds contained in its tissues that makes them unpalatable to insects and animals.

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