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Cardamine pratensis

Cardamine Pratensis

At the top of Flint view and in the grass labyrinth.

Related to cabbages of all things, the Cuckoo Flower or Lady's Smock is native to the UK. Easy to grow and quite happy in most soils, it can be grown in woodland borders or as it is here in long grass.

As it is a food plant for the orange tip butterfly, the Wilder-Ness group had tried to obtain some Cuckoo Flower seed - this proved fruitless in time to sow for the spring. To their enormous surprise nature (or someone else!) had already beaten them to it.

In folklore it was said to be sacred to the fairies, and so was unlucky if brought indoors. The leaves of the Cuckoo Flower are edible and similar to water Cress apparently. 



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