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Cornus kousa

Cornus Kousa

You won't miss it half way through the specimen lawn

The group of plants called Cornus includes approximately 40 species of plants ranging from small ground cover plants to large trees.

The white flowers of Cornus kousa are in fact modified leaves - bracts. In the centre of these are clusters of are the tiny green flowers. In autumn, it produces large, edible, strawberry-like fruit. The large green leaves turn to rich shades of red and crimson

C. kousa is a great plant for larger gardens (this tree was planted in 1966) where it is frost hardy and tolerant of most soil types except very wet or dry.


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AGM  (Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit).  This award indicates that this plant is recommended by the RHS following plant trials during which the plant met strict criteria testing its garden worthiness.  More information




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