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Pieris formosa var. forrestii

Pieris Formosa Var Forrestii

The big shrub at the far end of the specimen lawn behind the Potting Sheds.

Discovered by planthunter George Forrest in Yunnan on a trip sponsored by Ness garden's founder Arthur K. Bulley.  As a result of Bulley's sponsership over several expeditions, Forrest introdroduced hundreds of new plants from China from Primroses through to Rhododendrons.  They remain the most productive plant hunting expeditions that there have ever been to China.

This plant is known to have been planted in this position in 1919.

It is very  likely that all of the Pieris formosa var. forrestii including the popular cultivar 'Wakehurst' that are grown in Britain, today, are descendents of this plant. Many of these will have been grown from the seed which Bulley distributed in 1924 through his seed company Bees Seeds Ltd.

Pieris consist of seven species of evergreen shrubs (growing to 1-6 metres tall), native to mountain regions of eastern and southern Asia, eastern North America and Cuba. They all prefer acidic soils, sheltered from winds and semi shade.  A 5cm mulch of leaf mould or pine needles in the spring would be be useful too!



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