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November Gardening Jobs

Plant up winter and spring containers using spring bulbs, smaller herbaceous plants and winter bedding such as wallflowers and Cyclamen. 

Continue to keep lawns, paths, driveways and low growing plants clear of leaves.  Anywhere else, leaves can be left if you wish.

Finishing planting all spring flowering bulbs and you can plant lilies this month too.

Finish planting new herbaceous perennials, and divide any overgrown or tired looking clumps of perennials. Leave stems and seed heads for winter interest and wildlife.

After leaf fall, take hardwood cuttings of ornamental shrubs and soft fruit such as Cornus, Hydrangea, currants, and gooseberries

Order bare-root deciduous hedging plants, trees and shrubs which become available this month.

Reduce watering and stop feeding of houseplants

Bubble wrap greenhouses and check heaters are working

Remember to raise the height of the cut. Finish aerating, scarifying and top dressing. Grass will continue to grow in temperatures above 5°C (41°F), so mow the lawn (not in wet weather) if needed.

Put out bird feeders and clean out nesting boxes, birds will need them for winter roosts.

Put grease bands around the trunks of fruit trees to stop winter moth damage.


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