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Sorbus forrestii

Sorbus Forrestii

Half way down the Flint view on the right hand side

This rowan was introduced into the western horticulture the plant hunter George Forrest (1873-1932). He discovered it in Yunnan, China in 1921 This is a distinctive Rowan with pearly-white fruits and short green-blue leaflets.

It were first described as a species when a plant labelled as Sorbus pratii growing at Ness appeared different from all its closest relatives. This stimulated much research on rowans and the re-naming of many plants as distinct species; including this one which is now named after George Forrest.

This species has good autumn colour and will remain as a small tree/shrub and retain its fruit late into the autumn.

Ness has a national collection of Sorbus with over 500 different types, planted throughout the gardens.