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Our favourite October plants

/ImageGen.ashx?image=%2fmedia%2f142198%2fSorbus+rosea.jpg&width=140&height=140&constrain=False Sorbus rosea

Fabulous berries for the autumn.

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/ImageGen.ashx?image=%2fmedia%2f142192%2fPP.jpg&width=140&height=140&constrain=False Persian Ironwood

Fabulous autumn colur and it's wood is so heavy it sinks!

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/ImageGen.ashx?image=%2fmedia%2f142168%2fAcer+saccharum.jpg&width=140&height=140&constrain=False Sugar Maple

More fantastic autumn colour and the source of maple syrup.

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/ImageGen.ashx?image=%2fmedia%2f142210%2fViburnum+plicatum+%e2%80%98Mariesii%e2%80%99.png&width=140&height=140&constrain=False Viburnum plicatum 'Mariesii' (AGM)

A mouthful of a name but a stunning shrub for most gardens.

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/ImageGen.ashx?image=%2fmedia%2f142180%2fCuphea+cyanea.jpg&width=140&height=140&constrain=False Cuphea cyanea

Commonly known as the cigar plant because of the shape of its flowers.

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