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Sugar Maple

Acer Saccharum

At the top of the slope coming from the heather gardens to the water gardens

Native to the cool and moist hardwood forests of north eastern America and eastern Canada, it is commonly known as the sugar maple for being the primary source of maple syrup.

In autumn, these trees store sugar in their roots as an early food source for the spring. It was originally used by Native American peoples as the sugar could easily be transported and lasted a long time.

In early spring, holes are bored into the tree trunks and the sap is collected and boiled to make the syrup.

This deciduous tree bears brilliant red foliage in autumn and can grow to a height of 20m (70ft) and width of 12m (40ft).


RHS_Bee _FC1_N_RGBPerfect for Pollinators: This plant will provide nectar and pollen for bees and many other types of pollinating insects. More Information



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