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Index Seminum

An Index Seminum is a list of seeds available for exchange between botanical institutions around the world.

It allows gardens to grow plants not available from garden centres and other retailers and achieves the core aims of botanic gardens of research into plants, using plants for education and facilitating plant conservation.

Plants and seeds collected in the wild are protected by the International Convention on Biological Diversity (1992) and under terms of the Nagoya Protocol (2010). For this reason, selling or donating seeds from many of the plants grown in botanical gardens to the public is not allowed.

If you are a member of the public and do wish seed from the garden, members of Friends of Ness Gardens are able to have seed from a separate list - to find out more click here.

Seed from our Index Seminum is available only to Botanical Gardens and other research institutions and is only supplied on the following conditions: 

  • The seeds will be used for research, education, conservation and the development of botanical gardens and botanical collections;
  • Information on the material will be appropriately stored and maintained;
  • Any commercial use or transfer of items, including its products or derived resources, to a third party with commercial intentions will require the permission of Ness Botanic Gardens. Such commercialisation will be subject to the conditions of a separate agreement with the country of origin.

By ordering seed or other plant material, the recipient accepts and pledges to respect the above conditions.


Download our 2015 Index Seminum here