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Some of our favourite plants

Each month, Ness has a selection of the best that the season has to offer.  These plants are selected from the brightest and most spectacular blooms, as well as the most interesting and inspirational plants around the gardens.


Allium Globemaster Thumb

Allium Gladiator

An early treat on the herbaceous borders.

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Cornus Kousa Thumb

Cornus kousa

Edible strawberry like fruits.

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Pieris Formosa Var Forrestii Thumb

Pieris formosa var. forrestii

Planted at Ness in 1919.

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Cardamine Pratensis Thumb

Cardamine pratensis

It is unluckly to bring this flower indoors.

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Aesculus Wangii Thumb

Aesculus wangii

A British Champion tree!

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