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WilderNess : an experience of nature

Over 600 species of flora and faunaPagedec

Enjoy this large area of wild habitat overlooking the Dee Estuary, providing a safe home for birds, mammals, bees, butterflies and wildflowers.

The original meadow project has now evolved into a much larger preservation project.  With generous financial support from the 'Friends of Ness Gardens' we are developing a much broader and diverse range of natural habitats across the wilder parts of Ness Gardens. These include annual cornflowers, perennial meadow, wet fen meadow, limestone pavement and rough grassland for small mammals, birds, for our resident colony of harvest mice and woodland ground flora.

WilderNess has so much going on throughout the year that we now  have our own dedicated website which is updated via the  diary and blog on a weekly basis. So please visit and check us out.


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