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A Vision of Eden

14 September 2014 14:30 - 14 September 2014 16:00

Vison Of EdenThe Portuguese archipelago of Madeira is located  520 km (280 miles) from the African coast and 1,000 km (540 miles) from Europe. The archipelago is a series of oceanic volcanic islands that date back about 20 million years ago), however it was only colonised around 1420.

This talk looks at three gardens created in the subtropical climate of Madeira (wet in the northwest but dry in the southeast) where the vision of their owners has created very different collections of plants in very different settings.

About the speaker: John Tallis is a former lecturer in botany at the University of Manchester


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Nothing - its free.

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No - just turn up on the day


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Organised By the Friends of Ness Gardens

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