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Gondwana - revelations of a supercontinent

Sunday 25 February 2018 14:30 - Sunday 25 February 2018 16:00

Have you ever heard about Gondwana? Take a look into the earth's far distance past and discover an extraordinary supercontinent formed some 200 million years ago.

The familiar continents of Asia, Africa, North & South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia are really only a temporary arrangement in a long history of continental movement. Landmasses on Earth are in a constant state of slow motion.

The supercontinent of Gondwana, crept into human consciousness through a series of startling revelations. The coastlines of southern continents such as Antarctica, South America and Africa fit together like pieces of a jig-saw puzzle, leading to theories of continental drift and plate tectonics. Distributions of major groups of animals and plants, both fossil and living, show links across continents now widely separated and illustrate ancient patterns of climatic and evolutionary change.

About the speaker: Botanist and Lecturer Dr. Bob Callow worked at Manchester University for almost thirty years. He appeared on the Channel 4 series "Six experiments that changed the world" and has published numerous research papers on plant evolution and ecology.


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