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Land Flatworms, are they a problem?

23 November 2014 14:30 - 23 November 2014 16:30

FlatwormsIn the 1990s there was a scare about New Zealand flatworms (which eat earthworms), and there was much concern about the consequences for soil structure and horticultural/agricultural productivity.

When the New Zealand flatworm was first found in the British Isles in the 1960's there was little immediate concern. However, this perception changed when it was found that this predator could have a large impact on earthworm populations, in some areas it can even cause the local extinction of earthworms.  A second introduced species, the Australian flatworm which also eats worms, has also been spreading northwards in Britain. What are the consequences for us in UK as these non native flatworms continue to spread?

About the Speaker: Hugh Jones is a former lecturer in zoology at the University of Manchester.

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