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Plant Conservation in the Uplands

Sunday 11 March 2018 14:30 - Sunday 11 March 2018 16:00

Learn about the conversation work being undertaken to protect many of the UK's rarest plants, set against a backdrop of 421 species of wildlife becoming extinct in the UK over the past 200 years.

There are a number of reasons why we should be concerned about rare/small populations of plants in the UK uplands.  They have suffered in the past and present from impacts including Victorian plant collectors, modern faming methods,pollution, climate change, invasive species and recreation. This lecture looks at the work which has been and is still being undertaken into protecting and managing a range of species including the iconic Snowdon lily and what is needed to ensure that they have a future.  

About the speaker: Barbara Jones is climber and an ecologist specializing in upland habitats. She originally Taught in outdoor education before moving to work in plant conservation focussing on the ecology,  and management of the Welsh uplands.


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Nothing - its free.

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Organised by the Friends of Ness Gardens



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