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The Making of the Wirral landscape

16 October 2016 14:30 - 16 October 2016 16:00

See the Wirral in a new light, from the earliest human settlements in Greasby 7000 years ago, through Roman ocupations, Vikings, Normans and the massive industrial changes which saw the Wirral become a centre of the modern world.

This talk will focus on two aspects of the landscape - the geology of the area which has greatly influenced historic land use and the use of boundaries, some of which were laid down over one thousand years ago. Profusely illustrated using modern photographs and historic maps.

About the speaker: Anthony Annakin-Smith, author and local historian with an interest in 'reading the landscape' of the Wirral - understanding the natural and human story behind how it looks today.


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Nothing - its free.

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No - just turn up on the day


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Organised By the Friends of Ness Gardens



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Lecture Theatre

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