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Wildlife Gardening

24 April 2014 13:30

Wildlife GardeningGardens are more than collections of plants; they also home to a wide range of birds, insects and mammals which are vital for the long term welfare of a garden and increase our own interest and enjoyment.

There are no formal entry requirements; all you need is an interest in plants and gardening.

The course starts on Thursday 24th April (1-3.30pm)

6 weekly sesssions


Course Overview

The course is taught through talks; demonstrations and a range of activities both in the classroom and out in the gardens (weather permitting).  Please come dressed in suitable clothing for the weather (i.e. waterproof jackets and wear suitable shoes). Also bring pen and paper.

Week 1 - Learn the concepts of basic ecology; ecosystems, habitats, biodiversity and why they are important.  Learn the importance of British gardens to wildlife.

Week 2 - Soils, wild and cultivated plants. How your garden works as an ecosystem and the many habitats within it.  Explore the use of native and non native plants.

Week 3 - The importance of water to wildlife and ways of creating ponds and bogs gardens regardless of the size of your plot.

Week 4 - How to attract bees and butterflies to your garden.

Week 5 - How to attract birds to your garden including advice on nest boxes & feeding.

Week 6 - Garden management; how you look after your garden impacts on the wildlife that live in it.  Learn which practices affects wildlife and how to minimise their effects.

Venue Details

Conference Room & the Gardens

For tickets call 0845 0304063