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Urban Forest

Urban Forest was on display in the Visitors Centre from 17 February until 30 March 2015.

The photography exhibition explored the 'greening' of the urban environment. The exhibition by professional photographers, McCoy Wynne, featured young trees often planted to improve urban areas struggling to survive against threats such as pollution and vandalism.

The photographs focus on the dichotomy of the trees' apparent vulnerability and their tenacity in a busy cityscape. The exhibition also highlights the differences between the 'Natural' forest and the manufactured 'Urban' forest.

Photographer Stephen McCoy said: "We were keen to exhibit at Ness Gardens because the contrast between the managed landscape at Ness and the managed landscape of tree-planting on the streets raises awareness of the plight of some urban trees.

"Many of the photographs in the`Urban Forest' exhibition show trees under siege in a sometimes hostile environment and this contrasts with the well looked after species at Ness Gardens."
The exhibition continues McCoy Wynne's longstanding concerns with environmental issues, landscape and the depiction of Liverpool and the Merseyside region.


All the images that formed the exhibition can be viewed here (external link)

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